TopicApplication Lilith

  • Sat 21st Jul 2018 - 12:22pm

    Age: 18

    Nickname in-game:  Lilith

    Trackmania log-in: lilith99

    Country: Germany

    Experience in TM (how long have you been playing): For about 7 years (mostly in TMESWC and i had a longer break now)

    How often do you play: Atm almost every day

    What could you bring to the team: eeehm....maybe steal Deli's wrs

  • Sat 21st Jul 2018 - 12:48pm

    Wow i'm happy to see your application here.

    Well for you i skip the trial phase because i know you and you are very good :D 

    I add you in the memberlist so you can copy the tag from the member part in the forum.

    So alright, if nobody has a problem with that, 

    Welcome in the team :D


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